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Want to know what kind of “wood” flooring is the least toxic for you and your family? Wondering if that fence is up to code? Trying to figure out whether you need a mold specialist or a roofing specialist as well as a property inspector…and where to look for a trustworthy one?

Please contact Dean by email with any questions you might have about how I can help you, or just call 650. 571.5300 any time from 8AM ’til 10 PM, Monday through Friday, and 9AM ’til 6PM on Weekends and Holidays.

Ask Green Dean is where our favorite Green Home Inspector, Dean Stocker, can answer even your most finicky questions, and you can share your question with our database of users so that others can learn too. Go ahead, ask Green Dean!

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One response to “Ask Green Dean

  1. What a cool site! I’d like to know some tips on preparing my home for a home inspector…is there anything I can do to prepare for that? Thanks.

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